DON3 Point

Introduction to DON3 Point

DON3 Point is your key to exciting rewards within the Donat3 platform and ecosystem. It's a way to recognize your contributions to the livestreaming community, whether you're a streamer, a viewer, or both!

How DON3 Point Works

Seasonal Rewards: Points are awarded in seasons.

Earn DON3 points: Engage with Donat3 platform and its social media as a streamer or viewer. Details can be seen in each season's page.

Claim Your Prize: Once all seasons are concluded. You can redeem your DON3 points for exclusive benefits and mystery rewards!

Getting Started with DON3 Points

Streamers: Create your Donat3 account and check your "Streamer Dashboard" for points.

Wallet Owners: Connect your wallet to Donat3 to start earning points.

Maximize Your Rewards: Holding both a streamer account and a connected wallet gives you the most earning potential and redemption options.

Ready to Dive In? Learn more about DON3 point seasons on the next page.

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